A Non-Denominational Kind of Lent

I was on the Lululemon blog, reading up on goal setting, when I encountered this idea. The idea that I can have 30 days of “Lent,” despite the fact that I have no religious affiliation. That’s because this Lent of which I speak does not involve the kind of self-denial that a church might recommend. Instead, the effort is about committing to something for 30 days, whether that involves a dose of healthy self-denial or not. It’s the 30 day challenge with a catchier name-YES. I have actually known that I wanted to take on the whole 30 day challenge thing (or in my case, Lent thing) even before my peruse thru the Lululemon blog. I think it can be a great avenue for new discoveries, and it’s a simple way to make life a little more interesting! Here are just a few of the challenges I have considered taking on:

  • Take at least one photo every day
  • Study a topic you would like to master each day
  • Wake up early each day
  • No complaining for 30 days
  • Cook a meal each day
  • Write down what I am grateful for each day

However, these are just possibilities, of course! This list could go on! (Ultimately, I chose to start with Danne’s idea to be a bookworm for a month). I had initially wanted to take on a few challenges all at once, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the thought of it all. So, I finally started off with one, and that’s what I would recommend for anyone else who wants to get started with this.  Begin with one. The last thing you want to see happen is that you gave up all your challenges, because you couldn’t keep up with them. Just get your feet wet, then see where it takes you! Anyway, don’t they say that multi-tasking is truly inefficient? Interested in a 30 day challenge? Tell me, what sort of things might you like to try?


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