A Photo A Day: Day 5


…my heart is a little heavy.


“Black Heart”

“I used to think that the world was doing it to me, and that the world owed me some thing. And that the… either the conservatives or the socialists or the fascists or the communists or the Christians or the Jews or the fascists were doing something to me. I don’t think that anymore, ’cause I found out it doesn’t fucking work. Most assholes just accept what it is anyway and get on with it, right? So for the few of us who did question what was going on, I have found out personally, not for the whole world, that-there’s no separating; we’re all one.”

-John Lennon


A Photo A Day: Day 4

Today’s photo. Did not expect before shooting that this would become my photo of the day, but I am in love with it!

Aside from a little cropping, this photo has no further editing.

I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I just know that I FEEL it.



A Photo A Day: Day 3

Forget what I said about this weekend being easy. Today was a tough day for photos.

I was exhausted by the end of it, and underwhelmed.

To wind down, I let myself have fun with the editing, and now I am undecided on which photo to post.

So, here are my top 3 from today. Unfortunately, the photo I was counting on to turn out the best did not make it.

Anyhow… Hope you enjoy!

While dragons aren't typically my thing. I'd say this is the best shot of the day.

While dragons aren’t typically my thing. I’d say this is the best shot of the day.

I need more depth-"Change the world from here."

I need more depth-“Change the world from here.”

But this one is totally me! This is my fave!

But this one is totally me! This is my fave!