Quote of the Day: On Momentum

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.52.41 PMI received another relevant “quote of the day” type thing. This time from my Runner’s World account.

Thought I’d edit it-to make it even more appropriate for the present moment…

“Experience has taught me how important it is to just keep going, focusing on [living] fast and relaxed. Eventually [pain] passes and the flow returns. It’s part of living.”


Love Allowed


I don’t know why some people feel so free to “dump” all their negative energy onto others.

I think it is important to take heed with others, because it’s so true that you never know what the next person is going through.

But I don’t know.

Perhaps some don’t realize what an impact energy has.

Perhaps some don’t perceive their energy as negative at all! (Which would be unfortunate).

Or perhaps some simply don’t care-“misery loves company…”

Well, when this happens I think it pays to be mindful as opposed to lowering ourselves to the same level.

Booker T. Washington said this amazing line. I quote, “I shall not let any man narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.”

I love that. I love how he put that….

Narrow and degrade my soul.

When I think of this quote, I am able to imagine how ugly I can become by reacting in a similar way to a person who has offended me.

Another one I really like is, “Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”

I do not say that I am perfect by any means. In fact, I wouldn’t be writing this if there wasn’t a particular energy I felt was pulling me down.

But I hope to shake off that energy before the rest of my day.

Things are not all bad. We just have to force ourselves to remember. 🙂

Hope everyone has a love- and peace-filled day!

Namaste. Xx

Blogging as “Community”

A few days ago, I read a blog post that really left me thinking. It left me wondering what blogging really does mean to me.

Despite the fact that the post did resonate with me, I didn’t immediately respond to it. Instead, I have been letting the ideas soak in and I have been exploring my thoughts about them as they come… As I trek the college campus… As I am driving in my car…

Lately, I have been writing just so I can practice developing a thought; and as I’ve said before, “for the clarity of my own understanding.”

However, there was this one point on that post–about “community” in blogging. This point reminded me that community is something that is important to me, and it also made me reflect on what community means to me exactly.

Is blogging just about random likes and visitors? Or is it about starting and maintaining conversation and connection?

Perhaps, because of where I am as a blogger at the moment, the blogging community sometimes doesn’t feel “real” to me. Maybe I am thinking of “likes” on WordPress too much like “likes” on Facebook and Instagram—2 social media outlets where often times, despite the “likes” and comments you still feel disconnected to your followers. However, I guess some online communities aren’t built to be the same.

For instance–online forums… I have definitely used them to communicate on a more serious level—like providing travel tips or obtaining them for my own use.

And when I was a teenager, it was even more serious. I was part of a forum where the members maintained a conversation with each other everyday. And although we didn’t all know each other personally, each member had an online identity and reputation that was real to everyone who was a part of that forum. We could even quickly identify a stranger coming into our conversations. And sometimes, we even called each other on the phone when things got really real. But, I never wanted to admit to anyone that I had friends “online;” even if this was around the time of MySpace.

I especially didn’t want to do admit so as I got older. The fact that I had online friends at some point then became kind of a secret about my past, and it hasn’t been until recently that I have been able to openly talk about that in regular conversation.

And then—as far as less serious forums, like the travel forums… With all this stuff about keeping your identity safe over the internet-my involvement in such outlets has been diminished. However, looking back does help me to remember that I have been part of online communities in the past. So they do mean something.

There is another thing that caught my attention, though.

This week, there were a few moments when I spoke up in class for whatever reason. And I have begun to notice that—when I do raise a hand to speak in class—my heart just starts beating so intensely and I almost dread the idea of talking. And it was the same this week. I spoke up, and afterwards, I would try to type something into my computer but my hands would just shake from being so stressed and from all the adrenaline.

So then, I would just hide my hands because it would be embarrassing for someone to see that speaking up makes me so nervous. But also at that time, I had already been reflecting about the blogging, so I ended up making a connection…

I don’t shake in class every time I speak because I’m shy or anything. I just don’t reveal too much of my personal thoughts very often, so it’s uncomfortable. So then I thought–maybe that’s why I’m attracted to blogging. It’s how I can express myself—since I’m not very expressive when I’m in the presence of other people.

I know—it probably doesn’t sound so revolutionary; but when you do things the way you always do, they just seem normal and you may not pick up on things.

But I do know that I am a passionate person. I’m soulful. I’m reaaally connected to my emotions, and I’m easily affected by the energy around me. So I need expression. And I am blogging as a way to clarify thoughts that I don’t otherwise express. I also need connection. I want to feel that I am relatable, and I also want to find people with whom I can relate. And so that’s why blogging as community truly sounds meaningful to me.

So, if by chance you read this post (or any other one of my posts) and it resonates with you, please let me know. Let’s start some meaningful conversation.


Life, Blogging, and Starting Again

Ah-wow. Sitting in front of my blog on my MacBook is a nice, familiar feeling. Not that I haven’t revisited my blog since my last post. I have glimpsed at it through my PC-but the feeling I got from that wasn’t inviting. Now, however, as I sit here with the old device I had used to create little ol’ Cultivating “Happy” and my already existing posts, I am enticed to write again.

Hard to believe that it’s been past a year since my last post. Fingers on the keyboard, I am taken back to the moments when I was actively posting and the memories still feel as fresh as yesterday.

It’s interesting to me-how I feel in observation of these memories. How attached I feel… But it’s even more interesting to read my posts and put them into context of time and recall that many of the posts I wrote happened while I was internally dying.

Yes. Dying.

My relationship at the time had taken me so far from myself that who I really was was practically dead. Except I suppose, when I was able to get away or express some of that light here in this space. It’s amusing to feel that my voice managed to feel light and happy in my posts. But of course, eventually, with the freedom to express myself here, those joyous tones were easily lost and replaced by honest sadness. My last two posts were certainly dark and lonely. One is still here now, but the other has been removed and I wonder if anyone would still recall.

I was in such a bad place…


Anyway, back to now though. I am feeling much better.

Aha! MUCH BETTER (Phew. I say this with real relief), and I think I might start writing on WordPress again.  But this time-just to write. Just to be.

This time, I don’t really wanna be hung up on trying to “brand” myself and all the other things they say you should do when you’re blogging.

Yes. I know that if that’s the case I could really just write to myself in a little notebook or word doc (and I have been, in my absence), but in visiting this old space I’m curious to see how differently my voice and my writing might develop if continuously expressed through a  medium that is a bit more public. And I am always attracted to blogging.

I did think if I returned to it I would start all over on a new domain, however. But for some reason it feels “more right” to start from where I left-off.

So, I guess, here’s to a new beginning! I am starting again!

“She wrote not for any audience, but strictly for herself-that is, for the clarity of her own understanding.”

Cultivating “Happy”

Good morning everyone! This is going to be a brief post. Honestly, I don’t really know what I want to say, but I know that I want to share my happiness this morning. This is, after all, a blog about cultivating that state of “happy” and gratefulness. Despite, whatever you see here-that is my main goal. And today, the idea of cultivating “happy” really resonates within me. I have just come out of my CrossFit Prep Course, and I am feeling great! (Seriously! Just keep me in a box/gym forever and I think that is the key to eternal “happy.” Exercise is such a great way to feel revitalized!) I did NOT get to CrossFit without struggle this morning, however. With 4 hours of sleep-I had decided to hit the snooze button first. Then, a couple of snoozes later, I found myself saying, “I don’t want to go.” But I DID want to go. I just felt tired. However, I work later today. So, I knew the only time to go was NOW. With that thought-I was able to force myself up. I was pushing my luck on time. However, I figured I’d rather say that I arrived there late, than say I had not made it there at all. Now, I’m really feeling the benefits of that decision and I’m left with this thought…


I had found this photo I while back, sorry for lack of photo credit. Still thought it was important for me to share this today.

Just as they say, “your life is what you make it.” Your “happy” is what you make it. If you’ve ever stumbled onto my about page at all, I have a little anecdote about my friend ,Victoria, and this idea of “happy” being something very specific. It’s almost more than an emotion. By dictating what makes you happy-that emotion materializes into whatever form you give it. It’s what you tell yourself you want to feel. Happiness is not going to come just ‘coz you’re waiting for it. You have to think those thoughts that empower you, and do those things that are meaningful TO YOU. It’s not always easy. And in my personal opinion-it should involve self-talk. Now, some people might say that’s weird. But it’s gonna be YOUR journey to whatever makes YOU happy. So, I think whatever you need to tell yourself to get there- you better think it, say it, believe it, and make it happen. Forget negative people, negative opinions, and negative self-talk. We see negative people. And if you notice, a lot of the time, what is coming out of their mouths, their thoughts, are also negative. So, I do hope everyone will leave all the bad energy in a dumpster somewhere today. Let’s not be one of the soul-suckers who bring our own selves down-or worse, everyone else down! Instead, let’s do the opposite and MAKE this day a good one! Smile and be happy 🙂

A Non-Denominational Kind of Lent

I was on the Lululemon blog, reading up on goal setting, when I encountered this idea. The idea that I can have 30 days of “Lent,” despite the fact that I have no religious affiliation. That’s because this Lent of which I speak does not involve the kind of self-denial that a church might recommend. Instead, the effort is about committing to something for 30 days, whether that involves a dose of healthy self-denial or not. It’s the 30 day challenge with a catchier name-YES. I have actually known that I wanted to take on the whole 30 day challenge thing (or in my case, Lent thing) even before my peruse thru the Lululemon blog. I think it can be a great avenue for new discoveries, and it’s a simple way to make life a little more interesting! Here are just a few of the challenges I have considered taking on:

  • Take at least one photo every day
  • Study a topic you would like to master each day
  • Wake up early each day
  • No complaining for 30 days
  • Cook a meal each day
  • Write down what I am grateful for each day

However, these are just possibilities, of course! This list could go on! (Ultimately, I chose to start with Danne’s idea to be a bookworm for a month). I had initially wanted to take on a few challenges all at once, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the thought of it all. So, I finally started off with one, and that’s what I would recommend for anyone else who wants to get started with this.  Begin with one. The last thing you want to see happen is that you gave up all your challenges, because you couldn’t keep up with them. Just get your feet wet, then see where it takes you! Anyway, don’t they say that multi-tasking is truly inefficient? Interested in a 30 day challenge? Tell me, what sort of things might you like to try?