Cultivating “Happy”

Good morning everyone! This is going to be a brief post. Honestly, I don’t really know what I want to say, but I know that I want to share my happiness this morning. This is, after all, a blog about cultivating that state of “happy” and gratefulness. Despite, whatever you see here-that is my main goal. And today, the idea of cultivating “happy” really resonates within me. I have just come out of my CrossFit Prep Course, and I am feeling great! (Seriously! Just keep me in a box/gym forever and I think that is the key to eternal “happy.” Exercise is such a great way to feel revitalized!) I did NOT get to CrossFit without struggle this morning, however. With 4 hours of sleep-I had decided to hit the snooze button first. Then, a couple of snoozes later, I found myself saying, “I don’t want to go.” But I DID want to go. I just felt tired. However, I work later today. So, I knew the only time to go was NOW. With that thought-I was able to force myself up. I was pushing my luck on time. However, I figured I’d rather say that I arrived there late, than say I had not made it there at all. Now, I’m really feeling the benefits of that decision and I’m left with this thought…


I had found this photo I while back, sorry for lack of photo credit. Still thought it was important for me to share this today.

Just as they say, “your life is what you make it.” Your “happy” is what you make it. If you’ve ever stumbled onto my about page at all, I have a little anecdote about my friend ,Victoria, and this idea of “happy” being something very specific. It’s almost more than an emotion. By dictating what makes you happy-that emotion materializes into whatever form you give it. It’s what you tell yourself you want to feel. Happiness is not going to come just ‘coz you’re waiting for it. You have to think those thoughts that empower you, and do those things that are meaningful TO YOU. It’s not always easy. And in my personal opinion-it should involve self-talk. Now, some people might say that’s weird. But it’s gonna be YOUR journey to whatever makes YOU happy. So, I think whatever you need to tell yourself to get there- you better think it, say it, believe it, and make it happen. Forget negative people, negative opinions, and negative self-talk. We see negative people. And if you notice, a lot of the time, what is coming out of their mouths, their thoughts, are also negative. So, I do hope everyone will leave all the bad energy in a dumpster somewhere today. Let’s not be one of the soul-suckers who bring our own selves down-or worse, everyone else down! Instead, let’s do the opposite and MAKE this day a good one! Smile and be happy 🙂


Burpees on the Hour


So, yesterday morning I woke up to find two new blog posts in my email from some blogs that I follow.

One was about a blogger’s resolution to do “Chin Ups for Days,” which from my understanding  means that she will attempt to do the same number of chin-ups that equaled the date. So, like–one chin-up for July 1st, two for July 2nd, and so on.

The other was about another blogger’s attempt to “Every Hour on the Hour” do some sort of exercise with her kids to keep the body moving, even if they are just relaxing at home.

Now, again, I had just woken up at this time. I had grabbed my phone and checked my email out of habit, but it was still to early for me to seriously think of movement. So, I hit “like” after reading, then went on with my day.

Later that evening I was at the box, as weekday evenings are now CrossFit Prep Course time. (Yes! I’m giving this another try!) The WOD wasn’t too bad. We held our handstands, did some ring dips… But then, we had to do the dreaded burpee.

O.k. I don’t know what it is-but burpees make my soul cringe! I gave those burpees all I got yesterday, but I still couldn’t shake my dislike for the exercise. As I worked through 25, I reflected on what I had read that morning and I’ve now come up with my own resolution.

For the next 30 days, whenever I am just chilling at home, I am going to get up every hour and do the same number of burpees that correspond with the time. So, it’s 5 p.m. right now–I’ve got to get up and do five.


Here I am checking out my stance as I go down. I am so anal retentive, I swear!

Do I really want to do burpees every hour? That last five wasn’t so bad. It’s the every hour part that sounds a little more challenging, but it’s worth it if it will make them easier.

Actually, this reminds me of  a really good quote,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Perhaps by making a habit of doing them when I’m at home, my burpees will get better! I’ll certainly let you know whether they do or they don’t.

Anyway, I thought I’d share as I’ve been dying to write a “movement” related post. To be in my best shape is one of my main goals for this year and I intend to keep sharing what’s motivating me and what’s working! Hopefully, someone else also gets inspired!

Would you care to join me in my burpee challenge? What fitness challenge do  you want to take on this month? This year?