Yoga Means Being Still and Listening

This afternoon, I would just like to thank the volunteer yoga¬†instructor who reminded me that yoga is about listening to your body. If not for her, I probably wouldn’t be happy with my current approach to yoga, which basically comprises of doing any movement that I think would ¬†make my body feel good.

I had always been intimidated by self-directed, home practice; I am useless when it comes to proper sequence. But now, I can practice at home without worrying about this. Now I can focus on what yoga is all about: mindfulness.

I still would one day love to be a yoga master-but for now-any practice is meaningful practice. And definitely so during these rough days through the semester, when-if I didn’t make a conscious effort to stop, breathe, meditate, and connect with my body-I would drive everyone insane, myself included.

So, yeah. Thanks, Stephanie. I hope our paths cross again someday. Namaste.