Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown: A Resource

Good and Cheap is a cookbook I have been excited about for a while now. It was designed with low-income individuals in mind; particularly those receiving SNAP benefits.

Coincidentally, I had somehow discovered the book at a time when we were going over SNAP benefits (what used to be food stamps) in my community nutrition class. So, I was especially fond of the concept behind it and I’ve been keeping it under my “resources stash” ever since.

It’s cool, because Good and Cheap is available for download as a free PDF online; making it accessible to virtually anyone. But free doesn’t mean the quality is cheap!

The pictures in this cookbook are phenomenal! They just make the food look scrumptious. I love this, because it is intended for an audience who may not be inclined to try things that are new or “different.” But presented with pictures like these, anyone would be enticed to try a recipe or two or three or four!

You can also tell that the cookbook was prepared with a lot of love and consideration. Yes, the recipes require butter, and I am fearful that someone may lash out against me advertising this, being that I am a nutrition student. However, the author is really only keeping in mind that someone eating on a limited budget is also depending on staying full from a limited number of meals. Therefore, the meals need to be filling, and the fat in butter does help with satiety, not to mention flavor.

Furthermore, each recipe in this book was prepared with the knowledge that SNAP provides a single person with about $4 a day for food. The cost to make most of the recipes conveniently fall below $4, and the total cost and cost per serving are provided for each recipe.

It did take me a while to try a recipe from this book myself, but I managed to pull it out the other day, when my husband and I were completely out of inspiration for our grocery list. The two of us had gone through the recipes together, and we decided on trying out the following:

Chocolate Zuchinni Muffins

Egg Sandwich with Mushroom Hash

Mexican Street Corn

Toast 8 Ways

Creamy Zucchini Fettuccini

Spicy Broiled Tilapia with Lime

Deviled Eggs 6 Ways

Potato Leek Pizza

So far, we have made, the street corn, the toast, the tilapia, the fettuccini, and the pizza. All of which were (in sing-songy voice) AMAZING. I can’t wait to try the rest!

But I did want to get this cookbook some extra attention, because I think it was wonderfully made and can be helpful for anyone, regardless of their budget. However, I am hoping that the more people know about it, the more people will be able to share it with those for which it was intended.

Happy cooking everyone! Let me know if you end up checking it out! xx