Yoga Wedding

So, it has only been a couple of days since he popped the question, but my mind is already tunnel visioned towards one thing-the wedding! Thus, the reason why there’s now this new category, I Said Yes! From here on out, this is where I plan to express the joys and frustrations of being wedding-fixated, and right now I actually type totally mind-blown.

Again, not that I’ve had too long to muse over this, but lately I have been wondering how I could be wed by a yogi. I mean, as a yogi myself, I just love the idea of the minister (or whatever) communicating the wisdom of yogic peace and light and unity at my future wedding. So, this led me to google search “yoga wedding,” and lo and behold, I’ve been taken way further than I was even imagining!

I’ll let you google it yourself, but my search led me to come across a bunch of inspiring images of, well, yoga weddings!

O.k. Here is one:

Photo Credit:

But how stinkin’ cool?! This blog (where I found this image): actually does a post about a yoga bridal photo shoot! I mean, I can’t believe I haven’t even thought of that!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I am melting away over these knew discoveries and ideas. I guess I still need to look into finding a yogi minister, though!


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